How to beat Corona and the Lockdown?


Simple practices to beat Corona and the Lockdown

Lock down restricts movement and freedom to go out. Though it is used as a preventive measure for spread of a pandemic it does have a number of disadvantages that tell on the physical and mental health of individuals in lockdown. Staying at home with nothing much to do and with the burden of managing expenses without a proper guarantee of salary  or income is  sure to create stress and depression among heads of families and adults with responsibilities. To add to all this is the fear of contracting the disease and the problems that come along with it.

 Both Corona and the Lockdown have put the average Human being’s life out of gear. It looks like the entire world has become alienated and we no longer belong to this earth. It is a bizarre thought but we will start believing this if we do not keep our minds and hearts under control to take on  the challenges that we face today in this crisis situation. We have many options to make this Lockdown period work tour advantage. All that we need to do is think how it can be tailored to our needs. Some things are here and you can improvise further

  • All of you are at home with your family and children this is the first positive that you have to take in your stride
  • If not at home then take steps to contact your family and reassure them
  • Be relaxed and think logically you will definitely find a way
  • There is no problem without a solution. You have to look for it
  • Remember 9 million have already encountered the disease and it is not something new to be afraid of
  • Develop courage to face it with confidence
  • Keep Healthy and strong : your Immune system will support you
  • Take steam inhalation every morning and evening with turmeric and some menthol (any cold rub –Vicks  -or any Balm) added to the water just  take seven deep breaths
  • Gargle with hot water containing salt and turmeric
  • Hold water at the throat for a few seconds before spitting out
  • At night before going to sleep take warm milk with ¼ teaspoon of Turmeric
  • Take slightly hot liquids at regular intervals – herbal tea- warm milk- hot porridge- hot soup  -keep yourself hydrated
  • For herbal tea if you cannot find any herbs –use  the Oregano seasoning powder –boil it in water filter –add some salt and drink it hot
  • Eat right and eat enough three times a day with a snack in the evening
  • As a family try out new snacks at home –it will help you pass your time fruitfully

What to do if you have to go out   

  • Cover hair , nose and mouth
  • Wear goggles and gloves
  • Apply oil on your face -you can wash it off once you return home
  • When you get back –disinfect your clothes
  • Have a bath            
  • Wash your glasses, sanitise your phone, keys and shopping bags
  • Keep all your purchase out in the balcony or verandah for 3-4 hours and then use
  • Emergency items –wash and use if edible  -sanitise if not edible

How to Live the Lockdown Life?   

What to do to be free from stress?

  • Try to work for financial independence as  salaries may become scarce -but not all the time – take rest
  • Develop closer ties with parents, family and siblings over phone
  • If permissible help- the struggling kith and kin with some grocery, phone recharges, counselling
  • Reduce stress while watching programmes over television – watch something that motivates you to be positive
  • Play more indoor games- board games- improve your general knowledge – later you will not find time
  • If  you are a parent  try to go over the books of your children – it will help you guide them when things start looking up
  • Discuss matters with your children if they are old enough – get ideas from them and try to implement  -it give them a morale boost
  • Understand Children –these days they are more informed than adults
  • Keep changing your routine  -the time you wake up – the time you bathe – the time you sleep – sleep early –but vary your timing  -otherwise it becomes monotonous and boring
  • If you have any exercise machine –do work on it to keep yourself fit  -20 minutes a day – later this will become a habit and you will be benefitted
  • Set up a kitchen garden in the Balcony or on the window sill
  • Compost the  biodegradable wastes in your balcony – Use it to grow your vegetables
  • If you have elders at home, go and sit beside them and if they like ask them to tell you the stories of the past. Most of them will only be happy to do that.
  • If you are a home maker teach your children to cook
  • Read books whatever you can find   – it will turn out to be an interesting pastime
  • Never forget to pray and if you find this difficult Meditate for 20 minutes everyday
  • And above all remember to be Happy and Cheerful –This is contagious and your entire family will follow
Dr. Mujeera Fathima

Dr. Mujeera Fathima

Dedicated, Passionate teacher and Associate Professor of Botany specializing in Plant Physiology and Plant Anatomy with research interest in Ethnobotany and Traditional knowledge possessing a teaching experience of 28 years.

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Dr. Mujeera Fathima

Dedicated, Passionate teacher and Associate Professor of Botany specializing in Plant Physiology and Plant Anatomy with research interest in Ethnobotany and Traditional knowledge possessing a teaching experience of 28 years. Officiated as one of the co-authors of the XI standard Botany and Bio-Botany textbook (2005) and XI standard Botany and Bio-Botany textbook (2015) as Domain expert for Tamilnadu State Higher Secondary Board of Education. A certified soft skills trainer and counselor holding a Doctorate in Botany and a M.Sc. in Psychology